Summer Research Internship
Project 15: Pricing and Protection Mechanisms for Big Data
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Contact Information

Prof. Fan Wu



Project Description and Objectives

The intrinsic value of the big data, which has been regarded as a new kind of oil, has been paid highly enough attention to all over the world. However, due to the lack of effective data trading platforms, the existing data sets are mostly analyzed and used by the data owners in the enterprise, resulting in a large number of data islands. Therefore, it is highly necessary to implement open data trading platforms to promote the circulation of big data over the Internet. Thus, we can further exploit the economic value of big data, and to discover potential applications based on various kinds of data. In this project, we will investigate closely connected issues of data exchange, including data collection, data pricing, and data protection. Specifically, first, we will study market demand oriented data collection schemes, in order to provide high-quality and massive data resources to the market. Second, we will design pricing strategies for data in the market with asymmetric information, determines the selling form and market price of data goods to maximize the revenue of data sellers. Third, we will also study privacy preserving and verifiable data trading mechanisms to guarantee individual users’ personal protections and high availability of data goods at the same time.



Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge of algorithm design is mandatory.

Basic knowledge of game theory or cryptography is preferred.

Proficiency in writing and speaking in English.

Interest in theoretical analysis and experiment.


Main Tasks

Propose a novel idea in the scope of project.

Present the design result with either a simulation or an experiment.

Finish a research report in this project.






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