Summer Research Internship
Project 14: Unmanned Delivery Robot
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Contact Information

Prof. Wang Hesheng 



Project Description and Objectives

The unmanned delivery robot is one of the most popular research fields, which is acknowledged as an important channel to realize the commercialization of the driverless car, and can effectively change the conventional lifestyle of humans. Despite the smaller size than that of the real car, unmanned delivery car includes different kinds of sensors such as 3D-lider, stereo camera, RTK-GPS, sonar radar, and so forth. These can help to realize real-time highly accurate localization, road area and lane detection, as well as obstacle detection and classification.

The project aims to realize autonomous package delivering tasks by the unmanned delivery robot. The main parts of the project are self-localization, perception in both interior, and exterior environment through multisensory fusion, trajectory planning and notion control. The project also emphasizes path planning algorithms to realize obstacle avoiding capacity and stable self-driving performance on the specific and required road.


Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge of robot control and coordinate transformation.

Basic knowledge of ROS is preferred.

Carefulness, patience, accountability and interest in the work.


Main Tasks

Finish a research report.

Choose one research direction (localization, perception and navigation) and propose the optimization scheme.

Realize the proposed scheme with ROS in the robot.





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