Summer Research Internship
Project 13: Fabrication and Modeling of Underwater Bio-inspired Soft Robot
Release time:2017-10-12 Read the number:6850

Contact Information

Prof. Wang Hesheng 



Project Description and Objectives

The project aims to explore the capacity of the soft robot in specific underwater operating environment by learning the morphology and motion mode from the marine organisms. Bio-inspired soft robots have generated increasing attentions due to their optimal performance in specific environments stemming from their unique morphology and sensorimotor capabilities. The project intends to complete both fabrication and modeling work of the newly constructed soft robot. The students will first cooperate on mechanical design and select appropriate actuator to realize autonomous motion of the robot in underwater environment. Thereafter, mathematical modeling work is required. Discrete and continuous modeling methods are alternative depending on the morphology and mechanism characteristics of the prototype. The contribution of control algorithm follows, aiming to realize specific control tasks such as positioning, tracking and so forth. The lab provides diverse hardware facilities such as silicone moulding tools, visual measuring system, optical motion capture system, etc. Students can also cooperate with our researchers specializing in soft robotics.


Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge SolidWorks and other modeling software.

Basic knowledge of Matlab and C++.

Basic knowledge of robot modeling and control.


Main Tasks

Complete design, fabrication and modeling of soft robot.

Cross validate the performance of the prototype.






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