Summer Research Internship
Project13:Soft Robots
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Contact Information

Dr. Guoying Gu 



Project Description and Objectives

Soft robots, different from traditional rigid robots, are emerging due to their ability to deform large amounts for adaptive and compatible interactions with their environment. To achieve this ability, the robots are usually made of soft functional material based actuators (such as, dielectric elastomer actuators, pneumatic actuators, shape memory polymer actuators). Until now, different soft robots have been presented for grasping, crawling, swimming and jumping. However, the design, modeling and control of soft robots is still a challenge.

This project mainly focuses on investigating soft sensing and the actuation principle, design of the bioinspired soft mechanism, and control of soft robots. We also aim to employ the developed soft robots for wearable and rehabilitation applications.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested students should have basic knowledge of mechanical engineering, mechatronics or mechanics.


    Main Tasks

    Finish a research report.

    Give two research presentations (a. references review; b. technical presentation).

    Submit one paper to a journal as a co-author.





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