Summer Research Internship
Project 12: Autonomous Quadrotor Landing on a Moving Platform
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Contact Information

Prof. Wang Hesheng 



Project Description and Objectives


This project focuses on the research of autonomous quadrotor landing on moving platforms. The autonomous landing of the quadrotors on moving platform is one of the recent research hotspots. Due to underactuation of the quadrotor dynamical system and difficulties of estimating the states of the quadrotor, this problem remains a challenge to be further investigated. The project plan to use the down-facing camera and IMU to accurately estimate the states of the quadrotor. At the same time, the down-facing camera is also used to estimate and predict the motion states of the moving landing platform. Taking dynamical underactuation as well as visibility issue into account, the project can optimize landing trajectory planning work, and thus realize the task of autonomous quadrotor landing performance.


Eligibility Requirements

Basic ability in C++ programming.

Basic knowledge of robot control and optimizations.


Main Tasks

Complete numerical analysis of landing performance.

Conduct physical experiments.

Complete a technical report.





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