Summer Research Internship
Project 11:Hand Gesture Recognition through Soft Wearable Devices
Release time:2017-10-12 Read the number:4792

Contact Information

Dr.Peter Shull



Project Description and Objectives

While most wearable gesture recognition approaches focus on the forearm or fingers, the wrist maybe a more suitable location for practical use. This work will focus on the design and validation of a real-time gesture recognition wristband. It will be designed based on soft wearable devices for recognizing air gestures and surface gestures with distinct force levels. Healthy subjects will perform an initial gesture recognition experiment, followed by other experiments. Classification accuracies for the all experiments will be computed. These results will demonstrate the feasibility of producing soft wearable devices for wrist-based gesture recognition that can potentially be integration into a smart watches or other wrist-worn wearables for intuitive human computer interaction.


Eligibility Requirements

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