Summer Research Internship
Project 11: Computer Vision for Intelligent Vehicles
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Contact Information

Assoc. Prof. Xuesong Li



Project Description and Objectives

Automotive engineering and related technologies have gained substantial attention and investment in this information era, surprising or not. With the technology of hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, vehicle-to-everything (V2X), assisted driving and autonomous driving, etc., new insights and rapid growth are seen in this industry, with the embrace of both traditional technologies and new methodologies. This summer research program will focus on some of the hot topics in this field, such as computer vision for the application of assisted-driving and autonomous driving. This program will aim at both theoretical studies including literature review and report drafting, as well as gaining hands-on experience from programming and image processing to recognize vehicles/pedestrian/signal lights from real images captured. The objective of the project is to help the students build up ideas about how research projects and engineering projects are performed, and also help the students to understand the fundamentals for the chosen topics so that they would be better equipped in continuing or starting education/employment in the field of automotive engineering.            

Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge and experience in programming (MATLAB, C, etc.).


Main Tasks

Complete three homework in image processing. 

Midterm technical presentation.

Finish a program final report.




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