Summer Research Internship
Project 7:Fault diagnosis for wind turbines based on the sound visualization
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Contact Information

Prof. Weikang Jiang



Project Description and Objectives

In this research program, we aim to establish a fault diagnosis scheme for wind turbine systems based on the super resolution of sound visualization of radiated sound signals. Visualization approaches with capabilities of characterizing a moving source from different components of the wind turbine are developed for fault diagnosis. The combination of image processing and the support vector machine can be used to approximate the locations and types of faults on the blades and gears by diagnosing the procedure. It can be used to simulate the system’s behavior as a result of fault progression in the future to enable failure prediction. Successful research outcomes will create an effective tool, based on the radiated sound signal, for predictive maintenance solutions for wind energy.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested students should have basic knowledge of coding in MATLAB

  • Interested students should have basic knowledge of fault diagnoses and wind turbines.

  • Knowledge of sound radiation and propagation is necessary.



Main Tasks

Development of sound visualization of the moving source from the wind turbine blades.

Developing relationship between the sound imagine and the faults of the wind turbine.

Fault diagnosis scheme for wind turbine based on the sound visualization.





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