Summer Research Internship
Project 5: Mechanism Design of Medical Robotic System
Release time:2017-10-12 Read the number:6645

Contact Information

Asso.Prof Yanping Lin  



Project Description and Objectives

This medical robotic system which is designed and researched on would be used in surgical operation. And it was mainly used to accomplish puncturing or drilling operation accurately. In order to meet the requirement of surgical operation, the robotic system should have the following functions: 1) Locating different surgical tools conveniently such as puncture needle or drill in right location and orientation. 2) Driving the surgical tools moving along its axis. This project mainly researches and designs a novel mechanical structure of the medical robotic system to meet the above functional requirements.


Eligibility Requirements

Interested students should have basic knowledge of mechanical engineering.


Main Tasks

Complete mechanical structure design of the surgical robot end-effector.

Finish 3D modeling and 2D drawing of the end-effector.





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