Summer Research Internship
Project 2:Optimal design of neural electrode coating
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Contact Information

Dr. Wenguang Zhang



Project Description and Objectives

Neural electrode coating is aimed at assisting people with neurological disabilities by stimulating or recording neural tissue and creating a link between the nervous system and the outside world. Recent progress in nanotechnology has been applied to improve neural electrode coating with nanomaterials, such as conducting polymers, carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires and hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials. This is done to enrich the application of neural electrodes, reduce the damage to neural tissues and to make the electrode work longer. A different combination of materials, dimensions for coating and manufacturing processes can be considered for change.


In the project, both software simulations and experiments are possible. You can choose to do simulations of your own design or take advantage of the advanced manufacture and test technology at the university to conduct experiments.


The objective of the internship is to contribute to our long-term project with new ideas and designs based on what we are doing now.




Eligibility Requirements

Basic knowledge of mechanical engineering is mandatory and of finite elements method is a plus.

Basic knowledge of ANSYS, ABAQUS or other simulation software is preferred.

Proficiency in writing and speaking is mandatory.

Carefulness, patience and interest in the experiment.


Main Tasks

Propose a new idea to improve neural electrode coating.

Present the design result with either a simulation or an experiment.

Finish a report of the internship.




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